CISV offers international and regional programs that lead to peaceful coexistence.

International Programs

International Programs include Village, Interchange, StepUp, Youth Meeting, SeminarCamp und IPP.
Overview of CISV International Programs

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Who travels?
Up to 15 years: Meeting delegations from five to twelve nations, accompanied by a trained leader (21 years or older) From 16 years of age: Meeting people from many nations who are traveling alone
Often school premises or youth hostels, sometimes company locations Space for sports and games Closed area
Female and male youth sleep in separate areas dormitories or multiple rooms full board
PreCamp-weekend delegation meetings compulsory trainings
CISV rules?
Mutual respect and openness No smoking, alcohol, ... No mobile phones, gameboy, ... No parents :-)

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International programs are open for children and youth at the age of eleven or older. Each program is reserved for a specific age group, to adequately take into account the different maturation levels of the young people. In regional activities, we welcome children from the age of 10+. Some children need time to feel secure in a new organization.
The costs for international programs vary depending on the program and include full overnight accommodation and catering, organization, training and preparation. You have to be a member of CISV to participate. Regional activities without overnight stay are usually included in the membership fee.
CISV activities. We approach subjects such as human rights or sustainability through experiential learning processes and activities and also have fun energizers.
CISV promotes and demands respect and openness.

Local events

Locally, the Chapter organizes MiniCamps, monthly meetings for children and young people, excursions, joint activities. We also take part in national and regional events. You can find more details on our event schedule event schedule.