Who We Are

Local Junior Branch (LJB)

A local Junior Branch is your very own Junior Branch Chapter that you can take part in on a local level. An LJB is represented by a local junior representative who gets chosen by your members for a certain amount of time. This person is responsible for making sure that there is local activity happening and that all the JBers are included in this. An LJB is basically where it all goes down and where all the things you’ve learned with CISV can be used. It’s your very own local platform for experimenting and taking action.

National Junior Branch (NJB)

NJB stands for National Junior Branch. The structure of a National Junior Branch (JB) varies from country to country. However, it is most common to have two national junior representatives that are chosen for a two year period. They are elected from elections at your National Junior Branch Meeting. An NJR sits for two years at a time. First as junior NJR before they go into their second and finale year as senior NJR. In this way they overlap each other and get the training and experience needed for leading a JB.

The following graph shows how the different national levels are related:


[3 Regions, each have a regional team]

International Junior Branch (IJB) have three regions. Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA) JB, Americas JB and the AsiaPacific JB. Each region have a team consisting 4 members. Each region have their own regional meetings. In Europe there is the European Junior Branch Meeting, in Asia Pacific they have Juniors Asia Pacific Regional Conference (JASPARC) and in the Americas they have the newly named meeting called Americas Junior Branch Meeting.


Finally there is the International Junior Branch Conference (IJBC) where all chapters, countries and regions belong. Representing the International Junior Branch are the IJRs. The IJRs are elected at IJBC for a two year period. First year as junior and the finale year as senior. This way they overlap each other and get to learn, experience and teach. Besides representing the Junior Branch in CISV they lead the IJB committee. The IJB committee consists of 9 members, including the IJRs. The committee members have each their own responsibility in the committee. The areas of responsibility are communication, training, education, evaluation, general supporter and regional liaison. The IJB committee and regional teams together combine the IJB team.

CISV USA Jr. Branch

JB USA is a thriving organization with a strong organizational structure and a ton of cool projects. We’ve subdivided our 24 chapters into 5 regions. The 5 regions are…
  • JB New England
  • JB Mid-Atlantic
  • JB Midwest
  • JB South
  • JB West
…and the 24 chapters within those regions are…

CISV USA Jr. Branch Roles and Committees

National Junior Representatives (NJRs)

The Senior and Junior National Junior Representatives (NJRs) act as the heads of JB USA and administer the proceedings of our Junior Branch. In addition to maintaining the quality of all JB development and trainings, the NJRs also manage the budget of JB USA. Additionally, the NJRs are the representatives of JB USA to the International Junior Branch, acting in the interest of JB USA in any governing procedures and communicating all necessary information to JB USA. Finally, the NJRs develop the visioning for JB USA and work throughout the year to make J USA the best it can possibly be!

Junior Branch Director

The Junior Branch Director is the voice for the Junior Branch on CISV USA’s Board of Directors. As a full voting member of the Board, the JB Director governs the proceedings of CISV USA. The JB Director works very closely with the NJRs to ensure that the interests of JB USA are being represented fully on the Board of Directors.

National Committee for Leadership for the Development (NCLD)

The National Committee for Leadership Development (NCLD) is one of the essential organs of JB USA. Chaired by the both the Senior and Junior National Junior Representatives, the NCLD is a 5 member committee in charge of creating and developing the training programs for JB USA that are implemented during Chapter Development Training and the National Junior Branch Meeting. The NCLD also acts as the regional liaisons to the 5 regions of JB USA and works to ensure that JB USA is meeting all of the local chapters’ needs.

Project Committee

The Project Committee is responsible for creating 1 to 2 large projects each year. These projects will fall under one of four themes: Diversity, Recruitment & Retention, Fundraising, and Communication, which rotate annually. This Board is chaired by both the Senior and Junior National Junior Representatives.

National Junior Governing Board (NJGB)

This board acts as the governing and legislative body of Junior Branch USA. They are responsible for conducting democratic proceedings, approving JB USA finances, and managing the Book of Procedures. This 9 member board is comprised of the National Junior Branch Advisor, 5 Regional Representatives, and 3 Members-at-Large. This Board is chaired by both the Senior and Junior National Junior Representatives.

National Junior Branch Advisor (NJBAd)

The National Junior Branch Advisor (NJBAd) is the adult member of the JB USA structure. In addition to offering the adult perspective on the NJGB, the NJBAd supports the Local Junior Branch Advisors of JB USA.

Local Junior Representatives

The Local Junior Representatives (LJRs) lead the 24 Junior branch chapters of JB USA. As a crucial part of the JB USA structure, the LJRs make sure that their respective local chapters are active and thriving JBs. The LJRs also elect all of the JB USA leadership, including the NJRs, the NCLD, the Project Committee, the NJBAd, the JB Director, and the NJGB. The LJRs also choose the recipient of the annual “JBer for Life” and “The JB Award for Outstanding Service” awards.

National Mini Camp Committee (NMCC)

The National Mini Camp Committee (NMCC) is another committee that makes up the JB USA structure. Chaired by the National Mini Camp Committee Chair, the NMCC plans JB USA’s annual National Mini Camp, which takes place every year during Memorial Day weekend.