DFW Junior Branch Team

CISV DFW 2020 Jr. Branch Board

CISV DFW Jr. Branch Roles

Positions on the Dallas-Ft. Worth JB Board

Applications due June 1, 2020.  Apply here

LJR: Locale Junior Representative

The Local Junior Representatives (LJRs) lead the 27 (includes 5 developing chapters) Junior Branch Chapters of JB USA. As a crucial part of the JB USA structure, the LJRs make sure that their respective local chapters are active and thriving JBs. The LJRs also elect all of the JB USA leadership, including the NJRs, the NCLD, the Project Committee, the NJBA, the JB Director, and the NJGB. The LJRs also choose the recipient of the annual “JBer for Life” and “The JB Award for Outstanding Service” awards.

JLJR-Elect: Junior Local Junior Representative Elect (combined Old President Elect & Secretary)

The Junior Local Junior Representative assists the Local Junior Representative in his or her duties and serves as the Local Junior Representative whenever the Local Junior Representative is not available. They are encouraged to attend CISV In Motion to gain valuable experience and leadership opportunities. However, the Chapter will not reimburse the cost of travel and expenses. At the end of the Local Junior Representative's term, the Junior Local Junior Representative succeeds him or her and must attend the Chapter Development workshop in the Spring (the Chapter will pay). They are also responsible for taking detailed notes on a google doc that is shared with the Board and Advisors. The Junior Local Junior Representative must record all official votes, including the final number and which way each person voted, and must adhere to a general structure of writing minutes.  This means writing down the meeting location (e.g. Conference Call), members present, time called to order, time adjourned, and meeting date.  All minutes must be submitted to the Treasurer of the Adult Board for audit purposes.


The Treasurer works with all the financial aspects of the JB including collection of registration, fees and official paperwork for JB events. He or she must maintain consistent communication with the Adult Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for selling merchandise during meetings and events. Basic math skills are required. It's very helpful to have access to a laptop to bring to the meetings and events.  The Treasurer will also be expected to work with and train their trainee.  This person is also responsible for organizing the designing of new merchandise and gathering the final designs to coordinate with the Adult Board.


This person will work closely with the Local Junior Representative, Advisor and Liaisons to create service based projects that the entire JB can participate in. They are responsible for coming up with service projects and executing them with the help of their Jr. Mosaic Chair and the Board. They are responsible for filling out the official Mosaic form for all projects designated by the chapter as Mosaics. They must be willing to reach out and get in contact with like-minded organizations to plan projects with. The Mosaic Chair is also the designated National Service Project Liaison for the Chapter and is responsible for planning the National Service Project.

Activities Chair

The Activities Chair is the person who maintains the local JB activity sheet files. The person should maintain the activity sheet files and be responsible for printing and bringing them to minicamp. They should also ensure that each activity sheet is clearly completed and includes a note of when the particular activity was first played. The activities chair is also responsible for managing and running the co-minis and helping them to plan activities.

 Social Media

Social Media chair will be in charge of collecting pictures from each JB event. He or she will create JB Year in Review powerpoint to be presented at the Spring General Meeting. This person will also be in charge of making posters/flyers for all JB events.

Trainees (replacing standard Committee)

JB Trainees are a group of JB representatives selected through the application process who will be trained by their seniors to carry out official JB positions. They provide input on the planning of all JB activities and are expected to attend all meetings and are expected to be active participants in all JB meetings and activities. These are not permanent positions and may vary from year to year.  Example Positions: Jr. Mosaic, Jr. Social Media, Jr. Treasurer, Jr. Activities Chair.

Senior Advisor

The Senior Advisor is an honorary member of the Board selected to help guide the Board.