The Winski Family

The Winski Family & Mieko shown wearing the DFW 25th Anniv. t-shirt

CISV Dallas –Ft. Worth happened because of a CISV Village in 1961 in Michigan City, Indiana where I was able to meet the entire Japanese delegation during the middle of the month when they came to my parent’s home for the weekend. One of those delegates named Mieko was an outstanding child and she later returned to Michigan City as a 10th grader and became part of our family.

We all kept in touch as she grew older and our families became closer with my sisters living in Tokyo and Mieko’s brother living with me in San Diego. My interest and curiosity about Japan grew because of my exposure to Mieko’s family and I learned to speak Japanese as an adult and also began to do business with Japanese companies. I had countless experiences in Japan and felt I owed it all to Mieko. So I said to her one day that I would like to do something to pay her back for adding such an amazing dimension to my life. She replied that she did nothing and I had done whatever I did myself. That is a usual humble Japanese response.

Anyway, after thinking about how I could do something for her, it dawned on me that because of CISV, my entire life changed, and I wasn’t even in a program. Therefore I thought if I could make the programs available to Dallas youngsters, it would probably change the path of their lives and make them more in tune with the global aspects of life.

The end of this story and the beginning of CISV Dallas – Ft. Worth was when I called Mieko and told her that I finally figured out what I could do for her and that a new chapter was starting and it was “her” chapter, for all she had done for me.

Twenty five years later, the Dallas – Ft. Worth Chapter has become one of the best chapters in the USA due to exceptional leadership by so many caring families. It is by far the best thing we have ever done.

Randy & Linda

Co-Founders CISV DFW 1984